Ryan, is the new single of Valerio Lysander. A song he wrote about Justin, whose name unfortunately didn’t rhyme.

© 2016 Phoebus’ Kindred
Valerio Lysander: vocals, piano, harmonium, keyboards, percussions, backing vocals
Leo Polchar: cello
Ronald Maas: bass
Joanna Roberts: trumpet
Gregorio Lucchese: drums

music and lyrics by Valerio Lysander (Valerio Alessandri)

recorded at Smokehouse Studios, London
mixed by: Jonathan McMillan
mastering: Jay Fee at Conduction Mastering

video filmed and edited by Go out of Tune (https://www.gooutoftune.com/).

Massive doses of love and gratitude to Max Bandicoot, Eddie Farenheit, Bleed These Colours, Esther Turner, Jasmine Beth, Felice Zhukov, Carlos Pascual Martin, Airali, Joanna Roberts, Fabiano, Clara, Brunella, Veronica for being part of this!

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