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Folk is People just released their new music video for their single, Crocodile. Crocodile is the closest thing to a love song you will get out of Stacey Bennett, who wrote the tune for her wife early in their relationship upon receiving unsolicited negative responses from friends and family who had trouble letting go of their outdated, “southern” attitudes regarding the couple’s relationship.

Folk is People again teamed up with director, Keagan Anfuso, to create a light-hearted, humor-driven video depicting the discomfort that most bands experience at least once when playing for an audience that is less than enthusiastic about the performance. As the song continues, those listening warm up to the band and the performance turns into a dance party. The use of older individuals is used as an intentional portrayal of changing attitudes, acceptance and inclusion in southern regions despite the blowback of Trump-era ideologies.

Folk is People

Folk is People is a Jacksonville-based indie folk band led by queer singer-songwriter and dad joke expert, Stacey Bennett. Their music is eloquently crafted into a melodic blend of stringed and percussive instruments backed by Bennett’s driving voice. Folk is People’s latest record, The Devil Always Comes, sounds like indie rock married a folk song and started a pop band. It is a conceptual piece depicting the inner dissonance experienced when we reflect on and attempt to reconcile past misdeeds in the present pursuit of virtue.

Folk is People recently returned from playing showcases at SXSW in Austin and has played alongside national acts such as Shovels and Rope, David Dondero, and B.O.B.

“There’s a raw clarity in her voice, with a bit of a yodel here and a growl there, that carries over some pristine indie folk pop. It’s loud, jangly, hopeful music, even when it’s sad and angry.” -Meeghan Kane, Auntie Bellum Magazine





Keagan Anfuso

A prior student of the Art Institute of Jacksonville, Keagan Anfuso is an award winning queer female filmmaker based in Jacksonville, Florida.

Her music video work, primarily focused on the emerging indie-queer musician scene, has been featured in several online publications including Homoground, Rookie Magazine and NOISEY.

In 2016, her first directed horror-short, Wolf’s Museum of Mystery, was given the Florida Spotlight Award at Orlando’s Spooky Empire Film Festival.

In 2015, her documentary short-film pitch for, The Grey Area, received the Art Juror’s Award for start up funding and was also awarded Jacksonville’s most anticipated film project by VOID magazine. Currently in production, Anfuso is co-directing and the main subject of the film, which focuses on the perspective of a masculine female battling society’s oppressive expectations placed on women. recently described Anfuso as, “ a visionary film and video director doing stark explorations of alternative and emerging queer culture.”