[#118] Bobby Blue / Adam Lareau / Godmother / JD Samson & MEN

Listen above ^^^^ or subscribe on iTunes. Bobby Blue (Brooklyn, NY)  website / bandcamp Adam Lareau (Brooklyn, NY) website / bandcamp Godmother (Berlin, Germany) website Nov 14—Berlin, DE @ Chesters w/ JD Samson Nov 21 —Normandy, FR @ Automne en Normandie w/ Peaches Nov 22 —Paris, FR @ La Mutinerier JD Samson & MEN (Brooklyn, NY) bandcamp Nov 9 – Cheer Up Charlie’s, Austin (TICKETS) Dec 6 – Second Ward Foundation, Hudson... Read More

[#114] Eli Conley / Amy Bronson / Stephthelyricist / Countless Others

Listen above ^^ or subscribe on iTunes. Eli Conley (Bay Area, CA)  website / facebook / bandcamp  Amy Bronson (Alberta, Cananda / NYC) website / facebook Stephthelyricist (Pittrburgh, PA) bandcamp / facebook Countless Others (Oberlin, OH) website / twitter / facebook / SONG  Read More

[#111] Holly & Evan / Paulina Perlwitz / DK & the Joy Machine / Marissa Anderson / The Paisley Fields

Listen above or subscribe on iTunes. Purchase advance tickets / RSVP on Facebook Holly & Evan (Albany, NY)  website / facebook / twitter Paulina Perlwitz (Brooklyn, NY)  soundcloud / twitter DK & the Joy Machine (Brooklyn, NY) reverbnation / twitter / facebook Marissa Anderson (Portland, OR) website / soundcloud / facebook The Paisley Fields (Brooklyn, NY) website / facebook / twitter The Paisley Fields’ Midwest Express  8/11... Read More

[#110] Temporary Hero / Daniel Robinson / Binkadink / Sven Strange

Listen above ^^^ or subscribe on iTunes.   Temporary Hero (Pownal, Maine)  tumblr / twitter / bandcamp / soundcloud /facebook Daniel Robinson (Buffalo, NY)  website / twitter Binkadink (San Francisco, CA)  website / soundcloud / mixcloud / twitter / bandcamp / facebook Sven Strange (The Netherlands)  website / facebook / youtube / twitter  Read More

[#108] Kobalt / Blake Morgan / No Triangles. / Samia / Suspect Raptor

Listen above or subscribe on iTunes. Kobalt (Antwerp, Belgium)  facebook / bandcamp / soundcloud / twitter Blake Morgan (New York, NY)  website / twitter / Email exchange between Blake & Pandora Founder No Triangles. (Omaha, NE)  tumblr  / twitter / facebook / bandcamp Samia (New York, NY) website / facebook / twitter Suspect Raptor (Atlanta/Athens, GA)  facebook / tumblr / bandcamp / twitter    Read More

#MIXTAPE085 – Raise Your Fist by NYC Dyke March

This mixtape is a mixture of riot grrl, punk, indie, electronic, basically an eclectic mix of music from a queer artist that embodies the spirt of the Dyke March. It’s a great way to start dancing, and maybe even get over your last relationship! Since 1993, when the Lesbian Avengers organized the first DykeMarch in Washington, D.C. at the March on Washington, and then again in New York in June, dykes have come out to demonstrate for... Read More

[#105] DJ Lynnee Denise

Listen above ^^^ or get it on your mobile device via iTunes. DJ Lynnee Denise (Atlanta) soundcloud    Read More

[#104] LadyFest Philly 2013 – Black Wine / Potty Mouth / 3Jane / Amanda X / Shady Hawkins / Parasol / Kate Ferencz / Mindtroll

Listen above ^^^ or download via iTunes. Black Wine (New Jersey)  bandcamp / facebook / twitter Potty Mouth (Northampton, MA)  bandcamp / tumblr / facebook 3Jane (New Brunswick, NJ) bandcamp Amanda X  (Philadelphia, PA)  bandcamp / facebook / twitter Shady Hawkins (Brooklyn, NY)  bandcamp / facebook / twitter Parasol (Boston, MA) bandcamp / tumblr Kate Ferencz (Philadelphia, PA)  bandcamp Mindtroll (Brooklyn, NY)  website / bandcamp /... Read More

#MIXTAPE083 – Next Blime

Next Blime made this mix tape by plucking songs from their cloud music library – one song per year from their dated archives. Each song chosen has a special significance to them and brings back a flood of memories. Next Blime is a gay lesbian bisexual transgender friendly podcast where they play drinking games, dish on the news, talk about what they are currently hoarding, and attempt to offend as many listeners as possible. Playlist:  Thompson... Read More

[#103] Julia Weldon / Queen Crescent / Fucking Dyke Bitches / Dick Binge / Extra Feeler

Listen above ^^^^ or subscribe via iTunes! … Be sure to rate/review us if you like what you hear :D! Julia Weldon (Brooklyn, NY) website / facebook Upcoming shows:  05/29          Brooklyn, NY               @ The Rock Shop 05/31          Binghamton NY          @ CyberCafe West 06/01          Buffalo, NY                   @ Buffalo Pride /Allen Street Festival 06/08         Baltimore, MD  ... Read More

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