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  • Nancykillsyou

    Has this been submitted?

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  • Gatekeeperstaff

    I appreciate all the work you do here.  Thank you so much for the platform.

  • Bekah Fly

    Hey Homoground you are so cool!  My bands called twin ghost dog howl….i donno if my computer spazzed or my stuff actually got thru to you.  I thought I’d ask but if I dont hear back I guess it wouldn’t hurt to send it again.  I hope you all are doing swell : ) sincerely- twin ghost dog howl 

  • bellsroar


  • Zecca

    Every time I try to submit my music, your “Send Now” button disappeared under these comments. Am I missing something or is this a glitch? Please advise.

    • scantron

      Hi Zecca, email your information here: sorry that is happening to you!

      • zecca

        Thanks, I’m working on it now. I’ll send the mp3 and pic as attachments.


        • zecca

          Hey Homoground, I sent you my completed submission form, mp3 and pic as you requested above nearly 2 weeks ago and my song has still not appeared on Homoground. Was there a problem with my submission?

          • scantron

            hi zecca, I received your submission but please bear with us. we get tons of submissions & it takes time to schedule them all out. we will contact you when your music is scheduled to be featured.

          • zecca

            OK. Thanks for your help…