#MIXTAPE097 – Second Wind by Bitch Media


Sometimes you’re sleepy and wind up dancing. This mix by Sarah Mirk of Bitch Media, moves across a pretty wide spectrum—it begins with some dreamy Northwest pop, then eases into some melodic country twangs new and old, and finally kicks out a few dance tunes. Bitch is a national feminist response to pop culture magazine, website, […]

#MIXTAPE096 – Hoax Zine Playlist #1: Manifest the Mystery by Rachel Hoax


This mixtape is intended for queers among us who are known for their appreciation of nineties leading ladies, distortion pedals, getting lost in daydreams, feminist utopian visions of social transformation and, of course, sludge metal.  Really, the only theme is that these are all songs Hoax Zine co-editor Rachel plays as background music while she […]

#MIXTAPE095 – No Names: A Feminist Zine Fest Mix by Jordan Alam


This mixtape was created by Jordan Alam while in the midst of planning the Feminist Zine Fest! It is a mixture of upbeat and low tempo tones which mirror the progress of planning the event from the initial excitement to the calm relief after the event has passed. It also includes a lot of songs […]

#MIXTAPE094 – A Casual Encounter by DJ Hollabec


“A Casual Encounter” is a fresh mix full of deep deep house put together by DJ Hollabec, who has been bedroom DJing for over five years now. She first started making mixes to listen to in the car and then started making mixes for friends. Hollabec is passionate about the music she plays and loves sharing […]

#MIXTAPE093 – Love Letters Vol. II by TeknaColorNinja


Love is in the air and what a perfect time than to feature Volume 2 of TeknaColorNinja’s “Love Letter Series”. The idea behind this series is to showcase the emotional, gentle, funky, groovy and uplifting beats in the form of a lyrical journey of “letters”. This mix goes deep into the pool of sexy vibes…so get […]

#MIXTAPE092 – Know Cover by DJ Jane Dupree


The mix is chill, downtempo, and progressive house with covers of Haddaway’s “What is love?”, Whitney Houston’s “It’s not right but It’s ok”. Tracks by Chvrches, MNEK, Louis La Roche, Shaun Frank, Kaskade, and more. Nashville based DJ Jane Dupree has represented Nashville, keeping on the pulse of dance music’s evolution at clubs, parties, and events. With […]

#MIXTAPE091 – Let’s Not (a mixtape for gettin’ over it) by Molly Steadman


Sometimes you’re into it and then you’re not. This week’s mixtape was put together by Molly Steadman, a queer graphic designer with a penchant for holding a grudge. Check out her work at mollysteadman.com and follow her on twitter @mollysteadman. Tracklist:  1.) Tuscadero – Dime A Dozen 2.) The Rentals – Waiting 3.) Giant Drag – YFLMD 4.) […]

#MIXTAPE090 – Real Talk by DJ PlayPlay


#MIXTAPE090 – Real Talk by DJ PlayPlay by Homoground on Mixcloud No stranger to Homoground, DJ PlayPlay’s latest mix features an energetic selection of house, juke, footwork, and trap remixes with a little 90′s nostalgia sprinkled throughout. PlayPlay is a queer DJ based in North Carolina who organizes and promotes benefits and 90′s themed parties. […]

#MIXTAPE089 – Love Letters Vol. 1 by TeknaColorNinja


#MIXTAPE089 – Love Letters Vol. 1 by TeknaColorNinja by Homoground on Mixcloud Here’s what she says about this series and volume 1: I’ve been hankering to do a ‘love mix’ for some time now and wanted it to be more than just a vibe, but a journey. My idea was to showcase the emotional, gentle, […]

#MIXTAPE088 – Cheers, Queers! by Beerded Ladies


This mixtape was compiled by Meredith Heil of Beerded Ladies, a female-run craft beer blog that features things like beer tourism, unlikely beer pairings and behind-the-bar opinion pieces. “I’m a craft beer writer, a music lover and longtime friend of Homoground. What better way to combine my interests than make a beer-themed mixtape?? I see a lot […]