We’re Trying Records X Tiny Table Talks’ Day Party

Hello beautiful people!

We’ve put in a lot of work to bring you a show that makes us proud parents and that’s EXACTLY what we have done! We hope you all enjoy and we can’t wait to spend a lovely day at the Pearl St. Co-op with you for a fine day of AMAZING LIVE MUSIC!



Slingshot Dakota \\ Bethlehem, PA \\ Indie Punk

Secret Stuff \\ Nashville, TN \\ Emo

Kississippi \\ Philadelphia, PA \\ Popviolence

Oso Oso \\ Long Beach, NY \\ Indie/Punk

The Smile Bunch \\ Austin, TX \\ Party Emo

Prince Daddy & The Hyena \\ Albany, NY \\ Garage/Punk

Kidlat Punch \\ Austin, TX \\ Sloppy Punk

The Island of Misfit Toys \\ Chicago, IL \\ Emo

Whale Bones \\ Bloomington, IN \\ Indie/Dreamo

Pictures of Vernon \\ Greensboro, NC \\ Emo/Alternative

See Through Dresses \\ Omaha, NE \\ Dream Punk

I See Land. \\ San Antonio, TX \\ Emotive Hardcore

Hodera \\ New Jersey/Pennsylvania \\ Indie Rock

trunkweed \\ Baltimore, MD \\ Bedroom-Punk

Ratboys \\ Chicago, IL \\ Post-Country/Indie Rock

Mother Evergreen \\ Chicago, IL \\ Great Lakes Music

++More TBA++