Tom Tom Magazine’s OFFICIAL Northside Festival Showcase: ALL DAY PARTY

Bands! DIY Drums! Roundtable Discussion!

Featuring Bands from HOMOGROUND Northside Mixtape 2016

Doors: 1:30pm

2p Fish Don’t Drown
2:45p Badmouth
3:30p Skating Polly
4:15p Harsh Crowd

5:30-6:30pm Round Table:

A round table discussion will be sandwiched between matinee and evening show. A group talk about music and accessibility with guests speakers: Loren DiBlasi (MTV), Matthew James-Wilson (Rookie | FORGE), Lauren Zelaya (Brooklyn Museum), Sara Landeau (Julie Ruin), Jonathan Hiam (NYPL The New York Public Library), Frankie Hutcinson (Discwoman) and Leah KingMusic (female:pressure).

7:30pm Pretty Sick
8:15pm Sandunes
9:00pm New Myths
9:45pm Kat Cunning
10:30pm Aye Nako
11:15pm Tomboi

Kill Rock Stars