featuring dozens of LGBTQA bands!

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Across one weekend in August last year, we had the pleasure of hosting over 30 local, national, and international musicians, performers, workshop instructors, food vendors, and informational sessions during the World’s Smallest Music Festival at QuoLab. We learned so much from last year’s event at our original location and have since expanded to a larger space across the street with a third collaborator, along with upgrades to our technological capabilities, meaningful connections with extremely talented artists, and solid support from local performers, artists, patrons and friends. The festival operates as a zero-profit initiative, both last year and this upcoming year, and funds from the door go directly to paying participating musicians.

QuoLab’s mission in Savannah is to prioritize queer musicians and artists, gender non-conforming folx, black folx and people of color, and non-male-identifying performers. Through additional festival activities, we will seek to bolster this mission with arts and crafts workshops, DIY instructional/panels, body work, and group discussions.

WS2MF kicks off the evening of Thursday, October 13th before two full days of activities on Friday the 14th and Saturday the 15th, with headlining performer ABDU ALI (http://www.thefader.com/2016/08/10/abdu-ali-did-dat-video-premiere) supported by Joy Postell (https://soundcloud.com/joypostell), bringing the festival to a close.

Sister Helen (https://sisterhelen.bandcamp.com/)
Fake Sick (https://fakesick.bandcamp.com/)
Nada Hada (http://nadahada.com/)
de_PLATA (of https://soundcloud.com/mille_mille)
eightyseven. (https://soundcloud.com/eightysevennoise)
Spoil Ground (https://spoilground.bandcamp.com/)
Canadian Waves (https://canadianwaves.bandcamp.com/)
Twinki (https://twinki.bandcamp.com/releases)
Glazed (https://glazedfl.bandcamp.com/)
She Returns from War (https://shereturnsfromwar.bandcamp.com/)
Diaspoura (https://diaspoura.bandcamp.com/)
Small Talks (https://smalltalksmb.bandcamp.com/)
Watergate (https://watergate.bandcamp.com/)
Lull (https://lullsc.bandcamp.com/releases)
MyBrother/MySister (mybrothermysister.bandcamp.com)
Pamela and her Sons (https://soundcloud.com/pamela_andhersons)
Amari Tariq (https://soundcloud.com/amari-tariq)
AGYN (https://www.facebook.com/AGYNandAGYN/?fref=ts)
Helen of Coi (https://soundcloud.com/helenofcoi)
Ganges Phalanges (https://gangesphalanges.bandcamp.com/)
Nu Depth (https://soundcloud.com/lilbabypositiv)
Heart Pressure (https://soundcloud.com/wade_blazer)
R U F F B U M M E R (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1649845909&fref=ts)
voice host (voicehost.bandcamp.com)