As featured on Episode #195 Notthingham Queer Fest!

All your favourite concept punx and rad babes are going on a summer tour! Expect full-on monets, staking vamps, and lots of feelings…

The Potentials
Buffy the Vampire Slayer inspired concept punx. Slayers in training playing queer feminist hits from the hellmouth. Love Cordy, hate Xander.

The Whatevers
Clueless inspired concept pop featuring members of Yiiikes! Cher and Dionne accidentally went on the freeway and now these full on monets are coming to a town near you.

Socially anxious queers sing songs about staying in and missing out. Featuring members of Jesus and his Judgemental Father + Skull Puppies +Joyless Fucking

Tour dates:
Saturday 13th Aug Nottingham Queer Fest ( just The Potentials)

Sunday 14th Aug London with Doe

Monday 15th Aug Bristol

Tuesday 16th Aug Manchester with Grotbags

Wednesday 17th Aug Newcastle with Solanas

Thursday 18th Aug York with Sherbet Flies

Friday 19th Aug Leeds with c r u m b s

Saturday 20th Aug Sheffield

So much more info coming soon!