There is no theme.
Some bands will play.

Kick off the music portion of SXSW with all your buddies, and delight your senses for a few hours before the bottom falls out and the whole city falls into a booze addled hell hole.

Outside out back
1 PM: Wild Bill and the Lost Knobs
2 PM: My Expansive Awareness
3 PM: Ugly Beats
4 PM : The Sloths
5 PM : SXSW (the band)
6 PM: Creepoid

Inside SideBar
1:30 PM : St Lenox
2:30 PM: Austi
3:30 PM: John Wesley Coleman
4:30 : Strange Squares
5:30 : Nick Allison and the Players Club Lounge

BYO Chili Dawgs!!!