“My new album and I were recently featured in VICE, OUT, NPR, and a bunch more. Come here me play it and a bunch of other shit at Joe’s Pub on Nov 18th. Won’t ya? Bring ur friends! Bring ur fam! Tell your congregation! Hang a poster at youth group!”
Rob Townshend writes songs and sings them. He plays guitar and piano too. You might call him a singer-songwriter, but he wouldn’t because that word bums him out. Some guy’s internet blog recently said you should “catch Rob before he’s popular again,” and another guy on YouTube said, “this shit is gay.”
Here’s what some other people said about him:
“When a large chunk of today’s charts are made up of joyless minimal covers of former dancefloor bangers, it can sometimes feel like pop music has lost its vibrancy. But then something comes around, like a ray of sunshine through a dense canopy of trash, to remind you that music is actually alright.” – VICE