Heart Harbor is the new project of Philadelphia musician and writer Kerry Hallett. Kerry has been playing out and recording as a solo artist since 2004 from Philly to Portland, OR and back again. Heart Harbor is the full band incarnation of Hallett’s solo soundsmith endeavors, with songs that unfurl in dreamy layers and punch in catchy pop hooks. Her debut EP, Tender Trap, was produced by Erin McKeown, recorded at Miner Street in Philadelphia, and is due out early this year.

Kerry Hallett is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Philadelphia, PA. Since her beginnings as a solo acoustic act in 2006, Hallett’s progression as a musician has taken her out to Portland, OR and back. In Portland she played out extensively– both solo and as a member of several other bands– trying her hand at everything from playing drums as half of an atmospheric Portland duo, to contributing parts on cello, drums, banjo, guitar, ukelele, and vocals to project bands and tribute shows around PDX.

Her return to the East Coast represents a newfound focus for the 31 year old performer, and collaborating with internationally known recording artist, musician, and activist Erin McKeown has helped her zero in on the full potential of her own solo material. After almost a year of consulting with McKeown via Skype, Heart Harbor was born as the full-band incarnate of Hallett’s ever-evolving and diverse repertoire.

With McKeown on board as her producer, Hallett launched an Indiegogo last year to help cover the costs of bringing Heart Harbor’s first album to fruition. Thanks to the help and support of her fans, the 5 song “Tender Trap EP” will be released in April 2016.

In August she shared the stage with longtime friend and fellow Philly musician Jesse Moore for the debut Philadelphia performance of his band, Hale. Since then Hallett has been backed up on drums by Angel Ocana of Northern Arms.

She released the EP’s first single, “Hating Nothing,” in early November. Julie Miller of the Key at WXPN says of the track:

“‘Hating Nothing’ is sonically poppy and upbeat, starting out with a simple guitar and drum arrangement while Hallett sings about moving on from a relationship. She’s got more tricks up her sleeve than that simple opening implies though; piano trills, horns and a playful vocal delivery give “Hating Nothing” a sense of self-love and confidence usually heard in songs by Ingrid Michaelson. It’s the brightness at the end of the tunnel.”

Julia Rainer

Julia Rainer is a Singer/Songwriter from Philadelphia who combines her powerful, yet sultry, voice with her Neil Young style guitar playing to create a unique sound. Her lyrics are dark and emotional, and her sound combines folk, soul, blues, and the bare bones country sound of Hank Williams.
After playing in a few bands in the Philly music scene, she embarked on her solo career, releasing her first EP “Noise & Smoke” in 2010, and her recent release “Now, I’ll Be Free” in April of 2015.

Audrey Ryan

Audrey Ryan is a writer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Boston. She describes herself as a “one-man-band”– looping parts on everything from electric guitar to accordion, ukulele, banjo, vibraphone, glockenspiel, and drums. With several albums and EPs under her belt, Audrey has toured all over the U.S., and regularly hosts The Loft Series in Boston– a DIY show series at her loft featuring touring and local musicians.