Money raised at this show will be donated directly to the International Refugee Assistance Project. This is one of the few ways we can help support those who are most violently effected by the new regime taking power in the United States. This will be a night of much-needed positive energy and inspiration through sound – from four performers, including three artists from the Pacific Northwest. On the bill:

///LIKE A VILLAIN ( experimental broadway noise from Portland, OR):

///TRES DRUMS (Lisa Schonberg of Explode into Colors/Kickball + Mindy Abovitz of Tom Tom Magazine + John Colpitts of Man Forever/Kid Millions)

///WEEPING ICON (Brooklyn): New four-piece noise punk band featuring members of ADVAETA, Warcries, Mantismass, and Lutkie

///MEGA BOGG (Seattle/NYC):

MUCH MORE CAFE is located at 2 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn, NY.

This event will be

$10 cover.


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